IMC Worldwide Ltd (IMC) brings more than 50 years of experience working in developing countries, assisting donors and government departments tackle some of the most challenging issues related to infrastructure and economic development. We are a global leader in infrastructure development and management and have a long and continuous tradition of providing consulting services to government organisations in design and construction supervision, resilient infrastructure, and project management, as well as providing technical assistance consulting services including institutional strengthening and capacity building. We have diversified from our founding specialisation in transport infrastructure and currently provide a broad spectrum of consulting services and expertise, including climate change and sustainability, disaster risk reduction, environmental and social management, private sector development, public-private partnerships, monitoring and evaluation and knowledge management.

IMC has delivered over 670 international development contracts in over 120 countries worldwide and has provided technical assistance to 47 government agencies on infrastructure development, safeguarding and development in over 204 contracts since 2000.

IMC Worldwide has approximately 140 full-time staff in our offices around the world, with our head office located in the UK. Besides, we maintain a network of world-class experts who provide professional expertise on our projects. We have built strong long-term relationships with our clients and our consultants based upon our reputation for reliability, commitment, quality and experience. IMC is both local and global in its approach to service provision. The firm is based in the UK where general quality management and support services for all projects are co-ordinated. We currently operate in more than thirty countries worldwide: most of our staff are based in country and field offices, working closely with our clients and local consultants.

EOI – Consultancy Services for Construction Supervision and Project Implementation for WeCARE Phase-1 IMC Worldwide

We count among our clients most of the major multilateral and bilateral financing institutions and development agencies, including the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank Group, the African Development Bank, the European Union, FCDO, KfW, government ministries and other major donor agencies. The map below highlights some of IMC Worldwide’s significant recent geographical experience.


IMC has been working in Asia since the 1990s, and have extensive experience working in South and South-East Asia, with regional/project offices in Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan. Our work is based


on long-term trusted relationships with both clients and our extensive network of close local associates in each of the countries that we work in, including Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, China, India, Vietnam and Myanmar.

IMC Worldwide in Bangladesh

In addition to having a permanent IMC Worldwide office in Dhaka, we have worked in more than 25 districts. Over the last 40 years of working in Bangladesh, we have collaborated with thousands of citizens, local communities, ministries and donors such as the UK government, Asian Development Bank and World Bank. During this journey, we have partnered with world-renowned and national organisations whose unique skills complement our efforts to bring meaningful and long-lasting change to the country. Some of our most relevant experience in Bangladesh includes the Construction Supervision for Padma Multi-Purpose Bridge Project (approach roads 4 lane dual carriageway, associated structures and service area contracts, project coat US$230million), 2014-2018 (PDS Ref 6); and the ongoing Project Management Consultancy for the Islamic Development Bank, on their Construction of School-cum-Cyclone Shelters Program (project cost US$110 million), 2010- 2022; World Bank funded Community Housing Support Project (LICHSP) (2017-o2021). Some other completed projects are: DFID funded Bridge Improvement & Maintenance Development Project Phase II (BIMP 2), 1995-1999 and the Gorai Bridge Construction Supervision Project; JICA funded Eastern Bangladesh Rural Infrastructure Development Project (2006-2009).

IMC Worldwide Services

IMC’s principal strengths lie in the technical fields of rural and urban infrastructure development, planning, construction and supervision; infrastructure management and resilience; appropriate construction technology; WASH sector development; project and programme design and feasibility/due diligence studies; project and performance management; contract management and procurement; monitoring, evaluation & learning; private sector development and PPP transaction advice; and capacity development in public-sector institutions at the national and local level, including human resource planning, structural reviews, change management, and the provision of staff training programmes.

In addition, we have developed strong expertise in cross-cutting issues within our technical fields, including environmental and social management, climate change, sustainability and disaster risk reduction, social development and access to services, and the need to manage resources efficiently and sustainably. IMC is particularly proficient in stakeholder consultation, awareness raising, and close collaboration with the client, all of which inform a successful planning process.

IMC offers professional services to governments at every stage of the development process. We help government agencies and local authorities plan, put in place, and preserve the value of all types of infrastructure assets.

  • We assist with the maintenance and operation of infrastructure assets at national and local levels;
  • We plan, design and supervise large construction projects and development programmes;
  • We plan and manage urban and rural development programmes;
  • We undertake assignments in public sector reform, institutional strengthening and capacity building;
  • We advise and assist with policy formulation;
  • We strengthen and support central government agencies and bodies responsible for local government;
  • We work with our clients to reduce poverty and make livelihoods more sustainable.
  • We help governments to mitigate and recover from the effects of disasters;
  • We help commercialise and privatise state corporations.
  • Our success is based on our determination to offer professional standards at the highest level, and to work closely with our clients to deliver solutions that draw on all of our relevant experience. We employ the best qualified national and international consultants with in-depth knowledge of the underlying processes driving change and development, skilled in social, political, institutional, economic and environmental issues.


    IMC has established a reputation for setting new benchmarks in the delivery of engineering consulting services and in recognition has received the following awards:

  • Winner of the ACE Best UK Business Performance, SME 2017
  • Winner of the ACE Collaboration Champion, Nepal Rural Access Programme 2017
  • Winner of the ACE Research, Studies and Consulting Advisory Engineering Excellence Award 2015
  • Winner of the British Expertise Outstanding International Business (SME) 2015
  • Winner of the Institution of Civil Engineers Edmund Hambly Medal 2014
  • Winner of the British Expertise International Development Project Award 2014.