Public Investment Facility For Infrastructure Constraints (PIFIC)

The PIFIC Management Unit (PIFIC MU) will develop an infrastructure pipeline and operate as a filtering, prioritization and selection mechanism for projects that address industry-specific infrastructure constraints for clusters of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises that are direct or indirect exporters in leather, footwear, plastic products and light engineering priority subsectors. It will provide the required engineering and finance expertise to identify and develop enhancement projects, carry out financial and technical feasibility studies, and to prepare the bidding documents for contracts for works and equipment that will be taken up by the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) of the EC4J project. The PIFIC MU will not disburse funds, but it will provide recommendations of projects for approval to the PIU. The services will be provided on a free-of-cost basis. PIFIC MU will thus collaborate with applicant entities on project proposal generation, managing the process of evaluation, and carrying o ut due diligence for appraisal purposes.

The objective of PIFIC is to address infrastructure constraints negatively affecting the development of leather, footwear, plastics, electrical /electronic and light engineering industrial clusters within the sectors.

The PIFIC MU will seek proposals from appropriate public and private sector investment sources and work with them to identify the infrastructure inputs needed to generate specific public goods benefits that would justify public funding. It will hand off its primary responsibilities to the PIU at the bid evaluation /procurement point and not participate in financial packaging or associated implementation arrangements. While PIFIC MU will regularly monitor the implementation process, PIU will take the responsibility of regular supervision. This necessitates effective coordination and collaboration between PIU and PIFIC MU for effective implementation of projects.